DX Radio 88.0 MHz overnight reception

This page contains excerpts of an overnight Sporadic E opening on 4 June 2002.

The FM tuner is a Sony SA3ES modified with four 110 kHz filters and the aerial is a Triax FM8 mounted horizontally at 10 metres beaming east.

There are several MP3 audio clips to illustrate the stations received.

Time (UTC) Clip Details about the audio clip
03:28:30 88MHZ032830.mp3 Folk music ... where from? The first minute is YLE with music, but it then cross-fades to a more exotic sounding station ... any ideas where?
04:59:00 88MHZ045900.mp3 YLE-1 from Joutseno, Finland. Talk, then time pips, ID and news. Just shows that dx does sometimes fade UP at the right time!
08:09:00 88MHZ080900.mp3 YLE with classical music, then LR-1, Plunge, Lithuania with man talking, then back to YLE for Edward Elgar music.
08:39:00 88MHZ083900.mp3 YLE with jazz music, LR-1 with woman talking - fading in and out with each other.
08:45:30 88MHZ084530.mp3 YLE with man talking, fades to LR-1 with man/woman talk, then back to YLE with music.


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