MW SCAN   -   May 1997

First - a logbook from Zdenek Elias

810060530.03R Juventus, HungaryHungarian pop mx, ID, newsHng34444ZE
840202529.03RNT N'djamena, Chadconversation // 4904FR23332ZE
1458054330.03Sunrise R, LondonHindi music, advertsHin44554ZE
1500024430.03YVRZ R Dos MilL Am songs, Loteria, IDSP34433ZE
1503212929.03BBC R Stoke-on TrentElvis Presley songsEG44444ZE
1503010413.04IRIB Ardabil, IranQuran reading, IDFA33443ZE
1510032530.03WAVB Super R, Puerto Ricotelephone intv, IDsSP34333ZE
1530020013.04R Wyvern, Worcester UKYL ID, short news, jingleEG23432ZE
1635004713.04R Mario (Dutch pirate)IDs, address, pop musicEG33443ZE
1636233429.03R Toulouse (Dutch pirate)ID and QSO with SupermanDU33443ZE
1636061330.03Zender Havanna (Dutch pirate)Dutch polka musicDU34444ZE
1636205214.04Count of Luxembourg (Du pirate)polka music, IDsDU34433ZE
1638210529.03Zender Utopia (Dutch pirate)Dutch music, IDDU33433ZE
1638215029.03R Mi Amigo (Dutch pirate)Dutch music, ID'sDU44444ZE
1638232829.03R Superman (Dutch pirate)polka music, IDDU34444ZE
1644063730.03R Nooitgedacht (Dutch pirate)ID, QSO with HavannaDU44444ZE
1648015730.03R Casablanca (Dutch pirate)rock music, addressDU34443ZE

Second - some news items

ORF has resumed limited broadcasting on 1476 kHz 1600-2308 UTC with just 60 kW power. A mix of programmes is aired, including relays of ORF-1, R Austria Int'l and "Radio 1476". Useful reception reports will be verified with a special limited edition QSL card. (ORF)
VOIRI is observed on a new channel of 711 kHz // 531, 540, 558 etc at 1630. (IZ)
Voice of Russia via Pridnestrovye was heard on 1548 kHz 2000-2100 in Russian //612 Moscow. (IZ)
R Medetsina dlya vas ("Medicine for you") is on 810 kHz //1485 kHz 0400-1400. (IZ)
R Nadezhda has returned to 1044 kHz after being absent in February. (IZ)
R Samara has moved from 1143 to 1107 kHz and expects to broadcast 18 hours a day. (V of Russia dx club)
R Krishna Lokha appeared on 1323 kHz in St Petersburg during March //963 Moscow. (IZ)
Pirate station R Nadezhda in Livny, Orel oblast broadcasts 2200-0030 Saturdays on 1626 kHz. Address: 303800 Orel oblast, Livny, ul. Mira D 227, k4, San Sanych. (IZ)
GRTK Amur has regional prgms on 189 kHz 0200-0300 Tu/Th/Fr, 0800-0900 Mon-Fri, 0910-1000 Mon, 2000-2200 Tue-Thurs, 2100-2200 Fri, 2310-2400 Sat. (PM)
R Ulan Ude is heard on new 960 kHz (ex 963) with 20kW with regional prgms and R Rossii. (PM)
Russkoe Radio Lenna broadcasts from Vladivostok on 783 kHz 2000-1300. (Igor Ashihmin via MIDXB)
Radio Musykalnaya Klassika broadcasts in Vladivostok on 1251 kHz. (Igor Ashihmin via MIDXB)
Radio Delovaya Volna broadcasts in Vladivostok on 1296 kHz 2230-0000. (Igor Ashihmin via MIDXB)
Radio Studiya O'Key broadcasts in Vladivostok on 1476 kHz. (Igor Ashihmin via MIDXB)
R St Yunost broadcasts in Tver on 1449 kHz with 25 kW 1000-2000. (Valentin Kolchanov via V of Russia)

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