DX Radio DX News - January 2008

This is a compilation of all the logs and news items that have appeared on this site in January 2008.

Some external links may no longer be valid though they did work at the time of writing.

Thursday 31 January 2008

MW - Good MW conditions tonight

00.03   920 CAN CJCH Sydney NS            News                                   weak  MH
00.10  1510 USA WWZN Boston MA            NFL Sports Talk, then 00.14 Boston Univ
                                          Basketball brought to you by Pepsi     good  MH
00.13  1510 USA ?WLAC maybe               talk under WWZN                        QRM   MH
00.59  1510 USA WWZN Boston MA            "Terrier basketball on 15-10 The Zone" good  MH
01.00  1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ       time pip, legal ID                     fair  MH
01.08  1680 USA WLAA Winter Garden FL     Mexican style ballads, 01.52 adv's     fair  MH
01.20  1700 USA WEUP Huntsville AL        OM ID "... on WEUP", gospel mx         weak  MH
01.53  1700 USA ??                        YL adv, sports score 14-12, sport in EE
                                          over top of hour, xd Gospel at 02.12   fair  MH
02.18  1650 CAN CJRS Montreal QC          Hebrew singing                         fair  MH
02.20  1690 USA ??                        YL "music mix of the night"            qrm   MH
02.28  1660 USA WCNZ Marco Island FL      adv's, Daily Mass from Green Bay WI    good  MH

08.20  1120 USA KMOX St Louis MO          adv's, talk                            fair  MH

Wednesday 30 January 2008

MW - Good MW conditions tonight

23.35  1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ       Korean px. ID at 00.00                 fair  MH
23.40  1390 USA WEGP Presque Isle ME      mentioning their 25 kW                 weak  MH
23.45  1320 CAN CKEC New Glasgow NS       weather, pop                           fair  MH
23.50  1200 CAN CFGO Ottawa ON            Sports Talk, 00.01 NHL news            fair  MH
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