DX Radio WRTH 2000 - NSS Supplement

WRTH Publications released a supplement to the World Radio TV Handbook on 10 January 2000 which contained the "National Shortwave Services" listing, omitted in the main Handbook. However, the WRTH's PDF file is huge (500k) and their page breaks cut through cells. They also produced an html version with approx 1000 coding errors and again rather large.

I have used their HTML version, corrected the coding errors, and from that produced an Excel version, a tab-delimited text version, a Word doc version and a new PDF version ... all much smaller in size.

I have made these available in case anyone finds them useful. Any inaccuracies should be directed to WRTH, any comments on these files - me.

Here are links to other formats for the WRTH National Shortwave Stations Supplement


The PDF document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3 (or later) software - a free download from Adobe.
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